We provide a virtual solution for your business needs.


Sunshine Coast Business Centre is an office support service that allows companies, both small and large, to confidently outsource their non-core tasks so they may focus on generating business growth and success.


We offer you the flexibility of outsourcing your business tasks as and when you need it.  Whether you require assistance updating your database, creation of a professional presentation or organisation of a complex event, we have the skills and resources to fulfil any project big or small.  This means no costly overheads of hiring additional staff just to get you through the end of the financial year!


We offer a range of virtual and on-site support services depending on your business needs

A virtual assistant can be:

  • the booking agent when you don’t have a booking agent
  • the data entry specialist when you don’t have the data entry staff
  • the web master when you don’t have a web master
  • the corporate event planner when you don’t have an event planner
  • All or any of the above!

How can it benefit your business?

  • Reduced overheads
  • Flexibility
  • Professional image
  • Professional and experienced support
  • Frees up your time so you can get back to business